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Limitless Gaming, your home for Limitless opportunities

-Becca [Player]

An experience of Limitless possibilities, welcome to the family

-Anonymous [Player]

Escape reality with Limitless potential.

-Nami [Player]

We created Limitless Gaming with one goal in mind: Quality Roleplay

-Josh [Founder]

The community on Limitless is second to none.

-Justin [Founder]

Here's what Limitless Roleplay has to offer!

Here's what you need to know


Limitless is proud to have one of the greatest groups in the gaming community. Our Staff and Players are all kind, respectful, and love to roleplay. Someone is always there to guide you and give you a helping hand.


All Limitless game servers are hosted on a premium DDoS protected dedicated server. No cost is too high for a quality gaming experience with Limitless and its community. Performance is always first with us.


Limitless Gaming is backed by a Dev Team like no other. You won't find guys these talented anywhere else. The Dev Team is CONSTANTLY making improvements, optimizations, and adding new features for the players to enjoy.


Here at Limitless, we play hard, and we roleplay harder. Limitless is proud to be a leader in the FiveM Community for quality roleplay. With us, your roleplay opportunities are truly Limitless.

A little more about us!

Limitless Gaming has multiple online FiveM Roleplay servers that host thousands of people across the world. Limitless Roleplay is a Department of Justice style Roleplay server. You pick your own destiny. Want to live a life of crime? No problem, we've got gangs you can join. Don't fancy being a part of groups? Go at it on your own, smuggle drugs, pimp out yourself a few whores! We've also got Law Enforcement, EMS, and other departments for those looking to serve and protect the citizens of San Andreas. Are you a peaceful kind of guy? Well we've got you covered there. We've got several legal jobs out there you can do, you can become a truck driver, restock the fuel at gas stations around San Andreas. Mine for precious metals and rocks, drive a taxi and much much more! With constant sessions, often exceeding 64 players per server, we are always working to make it the best it can be with regular bug fixes and updates. We offer a vast variety of jobs to all, making your experience the best, most realistic it can be for all new and old members.


We keep the gears turning at Limitless


Josh is the Owner, Founder, and Director of Development for Limitless Gaming.

Owner / Founder

Justin is the Owner, Founder, and Director of Administration for Limitless Gaming.

Owner / Founder

Fliere is a Manager and Director of Player Affairs for Limitless Gaming.


Banks is a Manager and a part of the Admin Personnel team for Limitless Gaming.